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Compiling a CV

Cv's are a must, gone are the days when you could just ask someone to give you a job! They are now your only chance to sell your skills and really tell an employer who you are and why they should hire you. So making sure you have a good CV is really important to help secure you your next job role. Below are some of our top things that you should include in your next CV.

  • Ensure you include full contact details 
  • A profile (a bit about you!) your qualities, strengths and experience at the head of your CV is a good start
  • Briefly list education and qualifications attained
  • Career History - compile it in chronological order with the most recent job at the top
  • List your duties try using bullet points as they make it easier to read
  • Include a short piece highlighting your major achievements within the role
  • Use a clear, readable font and always spell check – poor spelling and grammar is a definite turn off!
  • Keep your CV concise, ideally 2 pages
  • Referees – available on request (do not list names if you do not want them contacting before an interview)

Remember your cv has to be good enough to secure an interview offer so it's worth putting in that extra bit of work.

Good Luck!